A new sunscreen generation.

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A sunscreen that protects and nourishes your skin as well as our beautiful planet.

Suncademy was born with the idea of educating the public about responsible sun exposure, so that we can benefit from its properties without its harmful effects on skin health.

The brand's mission is to develop a comprehensive product line that combines sun protection with skin care. The essence of the brand is nature, from which its ingredients come, in order to care for the skin by enhancing the natural beauty of each person, while also taking care of the environment, the origin of everything.

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Protect your skin and prevent photo-ageing by using natural ingredients that are good for your skin and nature.

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    Vegan and human volunteers tested in Spain and China for various skin type


    Suncademy's sunscreens have been tested in Italy for SPF for UVA and UVB protection


    Our products are free of microplastics and are not harmful for the ocean's wildlife and nature.

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